Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blogging over load!! But, but ya gotta love blackberries!!

For those of you who frequent sprouts market (previously sunflower market) their blackberries are on sale this week for 88 cents per carton. YUM! I was so excited I bought four containers yesterday and only have two left! Fatty. Oh well. Life's problems. -shrug- ANYWHO!
After eating a carton and a half, I thought...what's so great about these? I know nothing was BAD about's a berry for crying out loud. But what makes them good??
Crohn's disease causes inflammation in the intestinal tract. I learned that a cup of berries has enough anti inflammatories to tame an inflamed digestive tract! Holla!! That was the fact that stood out the most to me because its the one that pertained to me.
But listen ladies! Blackberries contain phytoestrogens, which I learned are plant estrogens, that help to fight breast and cervical cancer. pink ribbons for me! YES PLEASE NO BREAST CANCER!
There were quite a few other health promoting properties in blackberries...vitamin k--bone health, vitamin c---immune system, fiber, magnese, helps esophagus cancer , etc.
but only 62 calories a cup...indulge a little. :)

Happy health!!

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