Monday, August 4, 2014

All Natural Spider Spray

I feel so blessed with what this year has brought us. Pregnancy, puppies, mikes dream truck, and most of all, our beautiful home! I have loved being a home owner but there are definitely downfalls. 5 of which I discovered the other day; HUGE black widows. 
I instantly came inside and mixed up a tea tree solution to spray along the interior. They hate the smell and I wanted to keep them outside where they were. However, I also didn't want to be afraid to  be outside with my puppy or have him get into the webs and get bit. SO, I knew I needed a spider killer spray. Mike told me to call an exterminator but all I have is time on my hands so I wanted to figure it out myself. I also don't love chemicals and didn't want them to hurt the dog either, so I got to work!

I've sprinkled diatomaceous earth in all of our window sills. Diatomaceous earth is made from a microscopic phytoplankton that has rigid little edges and cuts up the spiders causing them to die. I've taken it internally before to kill parasites and I love it! It's completely safe for animals, babies and naturally, adults. I mean, I've swallowed the stuff. I essentially put up a defense wall for any sneaky spiders getting in through windows. 

BUT, Because I believe I attacking from all angles, I also made an all natural spider killin spray. :) 

You will need: 
1 spray bottle filled half way with water. 
10-15 drops of tea tree oil ( 
A few squirts of all natural dish soap
White vinegar
Shameless plug...I love natures fusions! Especially the tea tree! It's definitely my go to oil for soooo many different things!


Add water, tea tree and dish soap to spray bottle, then fill the rest to the top with vinegar. Shake and spray! 

The tea tree will deter the spiders and cause them to retreat and not come towards you (I'm so scared of being attacked. Haha) 
The dish soap causes a sticky environment for them and they can't move out of the sprayed spot very easily...causing the vinegar to do it's magic. 
The vinegar will be the critical ingredient to kill off the not-so-little buggers! The vinegar gets on the skin of the spiders and burns them, essentially, killing them. :) 
I now feel much safer bringing a baby home (once he's out of course) and letting my puppy roam! Nothing is better than taking care of business in a natural way and feeling good about the little lives in your life being safe. :) 

Happy, healthy, healing and cleaning!! 


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