Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chemical-Less Cleaning

I am, without a doubt, nesting right now. I was pretty sure I had the flu all last week but I haven't done so much my entire pregnancy as I did last week.
I refinished and reupholstered a baby glider,

Made a mobile,
Decorated and hung wooden letters with his name on it,
Stained and framed his ultrasound pictures,
Cleaned every inch of carpet with our carpet cleaner,
Made some holders for our bathroom counters,
Made a picture decoration craft with his initials,
Organized his closet and clothes into age groups,

Started refinishing his crib (pictures soon)
Made a spider spray to protect his room from bugs
AND I even managed to bathe the puppy and get myself ready a few times last week. I can't tell you how good it felt to be on my feet again after 6 months of not feeling well and being lazy; even if they were VERY swollen feet at the end of the day. :)

Part of this nesting process is looking at your semi clean house and feeling like it is the nastiest looking thing in the world. Yes... the WORLD. It doesn't matter how neat I got it, I could see dirt staring back at me.

I am sure most of you have at least HEARD of the Norwex rags and Irobot products by now. Well. Those are going to be the topic of this blog because they have made my nesting life a living heaven! And, I love them because neither uses chemicals for an amazing clean!

Let's start with the Norwex rags! 

I had heard all about these little babies but wasn't buying the hype. However when I realize how much money we were spending on paper towels and natural cleaners, I figured I could at least try one out. Worse case scenario is that I got a product review post out of it, right? :) 
Well, when it came in the mail I think I scrubbed down my whole kitchen that night. It wasn't even difficult...and for a pregnant woman, everything is difficult. My microwave is spotless, my counters cupboards are clean. The thing I love most about it is it makes different surfaces all look great! I use it on my glasstop stove, my wood table, my granite and I even used it on my stainless steel. (I had to wipe over the streaks with a dry paper towel but it's looked awesome for a week!) And it doesn't even take any elbow grease. I noticed it was easy to clean the spatters from my microwave...and it's NEVER easy to clean those. 
I love granite cause it hides my messes, but if you look closely you can see there's some orange spots that shouldn't be there. 

I literally wiped over those dried orange spots TWICE and they were gone! 

This was what I got off of my flat top stove AFTER I had scrubbed it with other scouring pads.
I love this rag, and I am not a rag person. I actually hate rags. SO, I find that in and of itself to be a miracle. :) 

Next products: Irobot Braava and Roomba.

I have had the Roomba since last Christmas and have loved it. I set it free and it picks up all my junk on the carpet and the wood, then I am just left to mop. However, Because mopping was KILLING my pregnancy back and I'd be out for days after (we have a lot of hard surfaces) I spoiled myself and bought the Braava

If you're a big fan of the Swiffer, I present to you the Swiffer on steroids because it does all the work for you. Matter of fact, my floor is getting Swiffered right now and I am sitting on my butt blogging. :)
Matter of fact, It was vacuumed and swiffered while I sat and watched. :) and the best part is, the reservoir you put the water into, doesn't need any chemicals to clean. There are few added costs to these robots. Unlike having to continuously buy swiffer pads for the swiffer. They are microfiber cloths you just throw in your wash! 
One's a wet mop and one is a dry mop...both were disturbingly gross! 

I do add a little all natural dish soap and vinegar to my water just so it gives it a little cleaning edge. But It's been nice to see the puppy licking the floor and me not having to worry he's getting a cleaning solution in his tiny system.

Am I lazy? YES! Do I care? NO!!! I tell everyone they need these. Even my mom who loves to clean and would have no idea what to do with herself if something was cleaning her floors for her. Yeah, It's a bit of an investment...We've sunk about 600 dollars into Irobot but I figure if it saves me from going into pre-term labor and the baby having to stay in the ICU, It's already paid for itself!! 

CLEAN CHEMICAL FREE!! Your body with thank you!!

Happy, Healthy, Healing and Cleaning!! 

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