Monday, September 1, 2014

Stainless Steel Spray

So what if it's a week before my induction date...I am pretty sure I am still nesting; when I am not napping that is.

My mother always kept our house REALLY clean. But for some reason, that I never understood, she never wanted stainless steel appliances. I, for one, am in love with them. Or, was in love with them. When we decided to build our house, the appliances were the one thing I knew exactly what I wanted. I needed stainless steel. After living there for a week I was perplexed. WHY could I not keep these suckers clean!? Every little thing made them look like we had them for 10 years. Luckily, when we got our water softener installed the stains were reduced, but no matter what spray I used, I got nasty gross streaks!

Now, it's evident that I like natural everything as much as possible. ESPECIALLY while I am pregnant. I didn't want to intoxicate my poor infant with chemical cleaners. So, I tried to buy some natural ones that were specifically made for stainless steel. I won't tell you the brand because so far I have liked everything else this company has to offer, but their stainless steel spray was a mega FAIL!!!!

So today I was looking at the fridge while eating lunch and I was just beside myself with how gross it looked and I decided I needed to take action.

Let me just say: SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE! 

This spray I created, that worked quite well, has two ingredients and some water. I am so annoyed I didn't think of it before. Like, so mad. I wanted to cry with how well it worked. 

Here it is:
Cause I know you wanted to see it surrounded by flowers for a visual flair. ;) 

This is my favorite brand of lemon essential oil. :) Don't tell, but I've tried doterra's lemon to shine up my glass top stove...Didn't love it...this brand worked like a charm.

This spray couldn't have been any easier to make. Especially if you already have lemon essential oil and vinegar.

Now, I know you all want to see it at work, AMIRIGHT?!

Brace yourself... 


 It shames me to tell you that I had wiped down this fridge only days before I took these pictures...Its such a beautiful fridge and has so much potential. :'(


 It's obviously not perfect but in my opinion from all the other natural green cleaners I have tried, It's pretty darn close!

I naturally attracted my entire kitchen with it after. I didn't realize how much stainless steel I had. :) 

Happy, Healthy, Healing (and natural chemical free cleaning!) 

<3 KBS

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