Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Relax bath

In a world where I feel like I'm just getting bigger than ever (see photo) it's nice to occasionally feel weightless. 
How come no one WARNED me how fast the back pain starts?! My hips fall asleep, my back hurts and if I decide to walk or be on my feet longer than 30 minutes, I feel like I'm going to snap in half. 

That's okay, though cause it means the babe is getting bigger and I'm all for a healthy babe. 

However, mama can use a little pampering, too. And guess what? It's a good thing Mike is so patient cause I "pamper" almost every night. 

By pamper I mean, I fill up a tub with hot water (not too hot---Don't want to roast baby), 1 cup Epsom salt and a few drops of lavender essential oil. The lavender is CRUCIAL because it really calms me down!! Again, Natures Fusions is my all time fave! (Inexpensive, high quality, and no MLM---you know my spill) 

I can be wound tighter than a ball of yarn but this magical concoction calms me down every time. :) 

So pregnant mommies, if you're feeling like you're turning inside out or upside down and backwards, fill up your tub and get ready for some relaxing anti gravity soaking. It will be the best thing you'll do all day...or, everyday. :) 

Happy healthy healing! 

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