Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fan-tea-stic (fantastic--get it? No? Okay)

I have to say what a HUGE advocate I am of herbs and healing your self naturally and avoiding medications where all possible. I have always been an advocate of herbal teas. I remember once upon a time when I was probably 13 my crohns was having a flare up and my step dad gave me some peppermint tea...not knowing then that peppermint is actually fabulous for the digestive system, I thought there was some miracle in my little mug and ever since I've been all for it! Not too long ago, Elise Petroff introduced me to teavana...and I fell I love. Teavana isn't just tea bags and sugar cube sweetness. It's all natural dried herbs, spices, flowers etc. blended into heaven sent combinations. Only down side's 3-5 bucks a cup. I'm not a math expert...but it ads up. So, for valentines, my thoughtful husband bought me a teapot! I was so stoked! Not saying its cheap to get started, but it will pay off in the long an adorable little set and I don't think I've stopped guzzling tea since! came in this box that had pictures and words all over it and I hadn't taken the time to really look at it until I had almost thrown it away...I know some people think tea should be frowned upon or is bad for you...and in all honesty, it CAN be if you don't choose wisely in your selection. This is why I choose teavana. I love the product. The quotes on the side of the box reminded me why I choose this nutty lifestyle that I live. It's not about being stick skinny or looking good... It's about taking care of the greatest gift I was ever given!!
I challenge everyone to educate yourselves. Look into what our food industry is putting in our foods!! Read the you know what half of that stuff is? I sure as heck don't! People say its expensive to eat healthy. is a little bit. But I guarantee you I won't be paying all those crazy medical bills when I'm old because I'm choosing now to to invest my money foods that aren't going to slowly kill me! We all get older every day! Why speed up the process??

Happy HEALTHY eating! (And drinking!)

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