Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Life fight oatmeal

It's a High fiber, high antioxidant, cholesterol lowering, cancer fighting, inflammation reducing, heart healthy, vitamin packed, pain killing meal. Sound too good to be true? No. Good health starts with food. You know that old saying: you are what you eat? I like to say your body quality is just about as good as your food quality. I get a little bit rampant when I see people I love feeding themselves with the wrong kinda fuel! (Ask my husband...I'm a little nazi!) all of the benefits I listed previously came from one meal...took me two minutes and six ingredients...ready?

Gluten free oatmeal (I use gluten free because I am gluten intolerant... Regular oatmeal is fine.)
Mixed berries---fresh or frozen
Poppy seeds
Flax seeds
Almond milk

I don't add measurements to a lot of my recipes because 1) i never measure. and 2.) because that's up to you. But add as much flax and poppyseed as you want. That's where the Nutrients are packed!

Did you know poppy seeds have trace amounts of opium? You'd have to eat a caseload to feel a medical status buzz but they are a natural painkiller! That's why I added them to my oatmeal this morning...bye bye tension headache!!

I also love this particular recipe because the oatmeal, flax and poppy seeds all help lower bad cholesterol. I've been blessed (not) through genetics to have high cholesterol so anything that can fight it, I'm in!

I used to hate oatmeal as a kid. The flavors seemed all off. The texture was weird and I was content with my little packets of it that we're packed with sugar and additives. I feel like there's probably a good reason I was diagnosed with crohns so young. My foods were triggers. We ate relatively healthy as kids. But no one in my family was educated about our food industry back then.

I've been blessed with my diseases so that I'm motivated to learn what I need to learn to change the course of my little family's lives. And essentially, I feel I HAD to have crohns so that I would want to learn these things. I don't want to know where i'd be if I didn't have crohns. We're buddies, it and I. It's been and invaluable experience. :)

Educate yourselves. Know what you're putting in your body. I had a conversation with my brother In law the other day and he said: it's been interesting to see you changing and caring more about what you're eating. I couldn't agree with him more...I'm a self proclaimed crazy lady in a little over a year...I am so okay with that. Like I said: INVALUABLE!!

As a ps: my little poppy plant is growing and I'm ever so in love. She's adorable.

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