Monday, July 1, 2013

Health In The Grocery Store


I'm stoked!

I think one of my favorite things to do is product reviews. Not only do they make me feel important and necessary to the world, but there is nothing I love sharing more than my opinion. (which is unfortunate for the general population.)

So, the other night the husband and I were in the store and I wanted popsicles or ice cream or some other treat I was going to gawk at, remember I'm a sugar brat and then proceed to turn my nose up at it. It’s a relatively new thing I have been doing...but I love this body God gave I have to do it. Do I like being a sugar brat? No...Well, maybe a little...but it’s a necessary evil nonetheless!

So, I gallivanted down the sugary sweets isle and waaaaaaaaaaay up top something caught my eye. I figure it was a gift from God because I’m 5'2" and if something is at the top of anything (or isn't relatively sparkly), there is a vast chance I will never see it.

But I saw this. No shine, no bright colors, simple packaging and high enough to rival Everest (at least it felt like it).

It was coconut milk, fudge popsicles...I have YET to find a tasty frozen treat that didn't have sugar in it, but, being the hopeful I can sometimes be, I read the label anyway....

Want to hear some great news???


Not only was it sweetened with organic agave, but that was ALL it was sweetened with...nothing else! 

Guys, these were all natural!! All organic!! And 100% delicious...I only shared ONE with my friend Lindsey and then I ate the remaining 5 in like, a weeks’ time. GOOD!! And, they weren’t even at a specialty store! How lucky am I these days?!

So if you are ever being a short stack in the frozen treat isle look up; it’s your sign that God does create men who aren’t just corporate giants and who are actually worried about your health. 

Then proceed to lick on my friends...lick on this tasty, healthy, organic, sugar free, lactose free, gluten free, paleo friendly (did I just describe heaven?) 80 calorie treat!

Bon Appetit! Love the body you live in! 

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