Monday, March 25, 2013

Caution...I Swear.

Negativity is a sad thing. I joined a Crohn's forum like many doctors suggest you do when you are diagnosed. Well, that was the worlds biggest mistake...I read on the forum everyday how people are sick and tired and experiencing side effects from western medicine. So I posted something quick about holistic healing and how well I am doing because of it...i didn't log on for two hours...TWO HOURS and I had 55 new notifications from haters bashing me. Saying I was trying to sell something.... Saying I was illegally doing marijuana. Quote: "puff puff pass the herbs?" or "yeah, just take herbs instead of having your colon removed...why didn't I think of that?" Saying that I wouldn't be able to keep on this course. (Take your kids away from the screen) HOLY HELL PEOPLE!!! It's no wonder the world is dying of disease and organ failures...they are so complacent and content with having synthetic bandaids shoved down their throat. I was at risk of having my colon removed. My doctor told me that was probably my last option...well guess what? All 40 feet are still there and kicking'!! I know I only have a small following, but people...please treat yourselves well. If you knew half of the things you put into your body and what they were doing to would cry yourself to sleep at night...I promise. ITS GETTING BAD! Did you know the FDA is talking about allowing ASPERTAME to be in our MILK so kids will taste how sweet it is and drink it??? That defeats the purpose of milk!!!
So call me what you may. Granola Cruncher, crazy lady, holistic nut, conspiracy theorist; But I am thriving, suckers. I am able to turn symptoms around with just changing my foods. I don't need my doctor to tell me that my life quality of life is going to change and I can't keep my colon. IGNORANCE IS NOT FREAKING BLISS!!!!! It is more important now than it has ever been!! I am not asking everyone to jump on board with me right where I am at...i don't expect you to take handfuls of herbs and clean out their fridges of anything not completely natural and organic. Just PLEASE educate yourself. It happened to me little by little and it started to scare the living daylights out of me to know what I was ingesting!!
I am well. I am happy. I am healthy. I. AM.THRIVING. No doctors in over a year for anything. ANYTHING! Rarely any colds. Rarely any flu. Don't close your minds off. Our ancestors and still many other cultures are so healthy from natural remedies. Don't discredit anything or be mean to someone's beliefs until you know a thing or two. You have no idea what battles they have fought to get where they are.
Rant rant rant...I know. Thanks if you read so passionate about health and wellness and I hate to see how blind people can be.
Needless to say, I have deleted my membership in that forum...negativity is just as bad as those synthetic drugs.
If anyone has ever had a positive experience with holistic healing...let me know!! i'd love to chat!! i love health...its just that simple. I love it to the point where it makes me insane when the other people bully such a beautiful thing because they'd rather use their insurance for free medicine or because earthy people are "crazy"...I don't have hemp underwear, people. I respect my body. So sue me.

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