Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Supporting Redmond Heritage Farms

I can't tell you how many people have told me recently that milk, not dairy, makes them feel sick; my husband included. I can't seem to get off my raw milk soap box lately. Milk, in general, has made me sick. I assumed it had to do with having crohns disease, but when happy healthy people tell me milk bothers makes me wonder. 
Thank you *sarcasm* to the FDA, raw milk has gotten a bad rap. “Raw milk can harbor dangerous microorganisms that can pose serious health risks to you and your family..." they say. Well, I am one of the most food-sensitive human beings I know and I have been drinking raw milk daily, sometimes twice a day for the last week and a half and if anything, I have felt ten times better. 
Now, I can't recommend going out to a dairy farm, hooking your mouth straight to an udder and having a nice little milk and cookies party in the field, however, people are afraid of raw milk, when done right, for no reason. It’s not that it's literally straight from the udder. It has to be tested for harmful strains of bacteria, it has to be cleaned. The only difference is that raw milk isn't pasteurized or homogenized.
Now, up until about a month ago, I had no idea what either of those two processes even entailed. Now that I am older, and wiser, too, I have done my research. 
  • Pasteurization: Basically what pasteurization does is heats the milk to a point where it would kill any of these "harmful microorganisms" that the FDA is so worried about. However, through a sin of omission, the FDA forgets to mention that it also kills GOOD microorganisms found in milk.
    • Pasteurization started in the 1920's during The Great Depression. Health conditions of the animals were so bad that people were getting sick from drinking their milk. (This was in the poorest, hardest time in the US economy...) So, naturally if you want something heat it up. Unfortunately, heat doesn't discriminate and will kill good things, too.
    • With our modern day technology and education on good and bad bacteria, we now have stainless steel dairies that have high regulations on cleanliness. the stainless steel appliances used to extract dairy make hard for bacteria's to grow, cows are healthier and monitored better, making pasteurization IRRELEVANT! 
    • We’re killing helpful bacteria's and amino acids in milk for no reason but shear fear from the FDA!
  • Homogenization: though a "natural" process, homogenization is technically changing the structure of milk. If you have ever seen milk after its come straight from a cow, it has a layer of cream on top of it. When you buy milk raw, the cream has been scraped from the top and then the milk goes through sterilization. When milk is homogenized, the cream is mixed back into the milk, and stops the cream from separating. The FDA claims this is a natural process, but from the little I know about science, I am wondering how the chemical structure of the milk could stay the same, when it NATURALLY separates. (If anyone knows how this works, please fill me in.)
  • Other Facts:
    • When cows are on dairy farms that pasteurize and homogenize their milk, they do not have to be inspected for symptoms of failing health.
    • Cows that are on farms that need to produce large quantities of milk are injected with hormones. These hormones make the cows lactate more, but have also been in question for boosting hormones in young girls; starting their periods too early. 
    • The hormones that the cows are injected with, rBST and rBGH have been known to make the cows sick (mastitis, hoof disorders, discolored milk, abnormal pregnancies etc.). When they cows become sick, they give them anti-biotics. Those anti-biotics then get in the milk the cows produce; America is currently experiencing problems with humans being immune to antibiotics. Coincidence?
    • Cows on high producing dairy farms are not grass fed. They are fed whatever the farmers see fit. 
    • When cows are grass fed and free range, (like the cows owned by Redmond Heritage Farms) they experience less sickness and don't need to be injected with antibiotics. 
    • The Amino acids found in raw milk are essential to human’s diets and can have strong healing properties. 
I want to finish by saying: I AM NOT BEING PAID TO ENDORSE THIS COMPANY! I feel it is my duty as a citizen of Utah and the United States of America to bring to the attention of the people the issues that I see with our government organizations. (no matter how small my crowd may be...I know people I love read this and I PASSIONATELY want to help!) I have read into and been my own experiment on the products of Redmond Heritage Farms and I believe in what they are doing! If you want to try raw milk, you can get it Here!!
I believe in the empowerment that comes from knowing what you are putting in your body. I believe that, as unfortunate as it is, the composition and general overall quality of our foods in America have gone down the drain because corporations are dying to make more than a profit. I believe that God, in all his glory, gave us natural things of this world to benefit our bodies and it is up to us to know how they are intended for use. I believe that as a nation we can be stronger than our opposition if we just believe in powers and planning of our forefathers. And most of all, I believe in you. Take back your power. Be happy. Be healthy. Be empowered!


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