Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Why Worry About Water?

Water; about 60% of our bodies are made from water. It is an essential and vital part of our everyday lives. However, there is always a constant debate on the sources of water and when it is safe to drink. Like all of my health blog posts, I am writing about water because of personal experience. It is a tale as old as time that you should write what you know so I will tell you, you can count on me only writing what I know.
When my husband I were engaged, I was a happy, thriving, health oblivious young lady. I ate "healthy" by FDA standards, yet I never questioned anything I was putting in my body; water included. He was living in pleasant grove with his buddies and we all had a blast. A month before we got married, he moved into our apartment and that is where I spent 90% of my time. Naturally, I started drinking the water there. About 2 weeks before we were to be wed, I started getting crohns symptoms again; I had been in remission for years. I thought these symptoms were in lieu of being stressed planning a wedding, so I changed nothing, called my dr. and about three days before we got married, I arranged to be pumped full of my expensive medication and we set sail for the Bahamas. Unbeknownst to me, there would soon be trouble in paradise.

We had returned from our trip and a few weeks later, I started getting the symptoms again. Ignorant to there being a real problem, I thought that perhaps there was some aftermath wedding stress I was now experiencing. Needless to say, I went in blind faith hoping the next round of expensive intravenous drugs would do the trick. It didn't. 
Most of you now the story of Wendy and I. if you don't, you can read it here. Once I started seeing her on a monthly basis, she started to make me question everything that passed through my body. I then started thinking about the changed I had made right before being married. I knew I was spending time in a different environment but other than that, the only thing I could link being sick and the timing of it all was my source of water. 
Being naive, I bought a Brita pitcher. I am not going to dis on Brita systems, they take out a lot of bad things in the water we drink. However, they do not take out enough. They’ll take out the chemicals added to water but it isn't enough to rid our water of bacteria and parasites. You think parasites only happen in third world countries...think again. A lot of sources of water in America are not even close to being safe enough to drink. Dr. Susanne Bennett wrote a detailed article on water purification I urge you all to read.

If you choose not to take the time, I will highlight my favorite points:
  1. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson admits that American water fails to meet public health goals, and water pollution law enforcement is unacceptably low.
  2. Water that is distilled or purified IS devoid of minerals, however, drinking mineral-less water is not harmful to our bodies. Some of the natural minerals found in water are essential to our bodies; however, our bodies generally get them through vegetables and fruits. It is not essential to get it from water.
  3. Reverse osmosis is the best filtration system available to purify our water. 
Those were a few points I took away from her article. She goes on to say that fluoride water is not beneficial nor should we gulp water but sip it for ultimate hydration. 

I am mocked for buying my water. But in my health, it has done a great deal to spend the money and ensure it’s pure. In conjunction with the herbs and clean eating, I have noticed a great difference in my overall health. I was mocked when I was little because I would tell my mom something about the water was "gross" and my mom insisted water had no taste. But perhaps I had a more sensitive palate. 
I urge everyone reading to be aware of what goes into your bodies. Don’t just trust of your city governments telling you that everything is safe. Be on your toes. You never know how your health will benefit.

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