Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tasty Detoxing

"Leeks" and "rutabagas" almost stopped me from making this recipe. I knew what a leek was...but the name was kind of a turn off for some reason (wonder why?) and a rutabaga was a foreign word to me. I decided that I would go to the store and if I could find all the ingredients, I would get it.
I decided to make a detox soup because it's been a while since I tried my tea detox...if you follow me on Facebook, you know all about how well the tea detox went...or didn't. I was mean and starving the whole entire time. A soup sounded a little bit safer to my marriage, happiness and overall health. I still regret the things i said and did to my husband out of "hanger" (hunger-anger) on that blasted tea diet. So, after I dismally found what is known as a rutabaga, I decided to make the detox. 
If you know me personally, or have read this blog, you know I am not an unhealthy eater. But when I made my gluten free, sugar free, health cake this week, I indulged a little much. :) As NOT bad as that cake was, I still needed this detox. Recipe here.
Now, I am here to report that leeks, despite the turn off of a name, are my new love affair and rutabaga's are my male mistress. YUM!! This was so much better, and filling, then the tea detox. :) EVERYONE needs to try it! And the best part is, is that this recipe is good for so many different dietary restrictions: Paleo (almost), gluten free, vegetarian, raw, vegan, etc. And it doesn't even taste bad. :) 
I will say, even though pinto beans are healthy, I used black beans. All of my research has simply deemed them to be the healthier of the two. Black beans contain flavonoids that help fight colon cancer...and let me tell you, as a crohnsen kid who is at high risk for colon cancer, I am willing to put anything in my body that will fight that SOB off. :)

I hope you're as excited about this detox as I was. This awesome lady even listed why everything in it was so good for you!! If I can get the husband to agree, this may be a weekly staple around here. :) You know me and my unadulterated love for anything with good health benefits! :)

Happy detoxing! 

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