Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tell Me I Can't...One More Time

Today, I wanted to share a story. This story is about my doctor who sounds like Marge Simpson but isn't nearly as endearing. This said doctor looked a 20 year old in the eye and told her she only had a matter of options before it was time to take a twenty-year-olds entire colon completely out. That 20 year old was me. That 20 year old has also been known to be a stubborn little bit** from time to time...possibly all the time. If said colon were to be removed, I may have had 10 years of quality life ahead of me before everything else started failing, too. The colon is the powerhouse to good health. I decided that I prefer mine to stay inside. I cried for a moment, Dr. Marge Simpson demonstrated her terrible beside manner, we came to an "agreement" (so she thought) and I walked out those office doors for the last time, threw the prescription in the trash and that began my life journey and in hindsight, what i believe is my calling. Marge (yeah, i cant even remember her real name...) told me I would never make it with holistic healing. I would never be able to not constantly see a doctor. She told me I'd be back within months having tried everything and have failed. Well guess what Dr. Marge. Jokes on you. That was almost 2 years ago and this girl hasn't thought about coming back! The moral of this story is: 
Do what the doubters say you can't do!!! 

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