Monday, June 17, 2013


I cant express how excited I am about this giveaway!! I wanted to make sure ya'll knew the official rules and all the things you can do to get entries in to win! first things first, if you don't win, please don't be sad. this is the start of MANY giveaways to come. i am CLEARLY super excited about sharing health with people, i will be trying to do as many giveaways as my bank account can handle. :)

things to do to ad an entry:

1. like heal with food on facebook. simple enough!
2. follow heal with food on twitter!
3. tweet about this giveaway!
4. leave a comment on the blog post! i want to know your health success stories as well as know what you guys want to read more about!
5. share heal with food with friends! i appreciate my followers and love you all, but i want to be able to change the health world!! in order to do that, i need help getting the word out to the world with what i am trying to do here. :) i wont bite!! share with friends!

i have added as many ways to win as possible! i am so happy to be sharing what i learn about health with you and love what i learn! GOOD LUCK!!!

<3 Kyli