Thursday, September 26, 2013

Product review: cook simple; cowboy chili

If you've ever taken any long term time eating clean, raw, organic, paleo, vegetarian etc you know it takes a lot of time, planning, organization, standing on your feet and slaving away in the kitchen. The things we do to be purists, right? I promise it's all worth the effort!! 
However, I also firmly believe we too are entitled to "easy" nights. 
Thankfully God has provided people who are wise enough to open and run health food stores. I'm addicted to sprouts! If you live in Utah, California, Texas or Arizona, FIND YOUR LOCAL SPROUTS!! 
Also, I have recently come across a site called that has a lot of healthy easy foods. 
ANYWAY. The weather is turning chilly here in central Utah and you haters can just judge me cause I'm telling you: I LOVE IT!! 
I came across this box at sprouts the first day the weather turned cold and knew I had to have it. Non gmo, all natural, and gluten free! 
I was hesitant...but this review gives it an A! I'd add meat next time but for a last stitched meal, it was great!! We were very non traditional and ate it with Brazilian Pau de Queijo! Which has got to be my all time favorite gluten free food. :) you can find that recipe here:

So remember, you can have healthy easy meals from time to time thanks to modern health food pioneers who are great enough to innovate and create! I'm so grateful! This was delicious! And it had quinoa in it! Doesn't get tastier than that!!

Happy, healthy, healing! 

❤️ KBS

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