Sunday, September 29, 2013

Product review: Nature's Fusions Peppermint Oil

This stuff right here...saved my life today. 
I think it's pretty common knowledge that peppermint oil aids in nausea. I usually inhale it when I have colds. It helps open my nasal passage. ;) 
HOWEVER, I had no idea it helps with burns until I acquired some of this Nature's Fusions brand. The genius behind this put the uses right on the bottle. Duh. 
Heard of doterra? Yes? Well it's time to get over that hype. I love natures fusions and it's soooo much cheaper. I haven't noticed a difference in the quality at all. 

This morning I burnt my hand on the skillet while making pancakes...ouch. I literally ran to my oils and put some peppermint on. It makes's a very "cold" oil. Calmed it right down. 

Then, making dinner I pulled a cookie sheet out of the oven with spaghetti squash on it, didn't realize how heavy it was, wasn't prepared, and the cookie sheet tilted and hit the palm of my hand. Again, ouch. My husband ran to grab the burn cream from the first aid kit and dropped some on the only intensified. I quickly rubbed it off and then grabbed my trusty natures fusions oil and gave it a quick rub. It's been maybe 15 minutes and I can't feel a thing...

Usually burns bug me for at least a few hours after...and this was a BAD burn. 

I'm not lying. This stuff is so good. :) I barely have a mark. 

About three minutes after the burn...⬆️⬆️

Right this moment. ⬆️⬆️
*update* this⬆️⬆️ is my hand an hour after the burn...this is a must in the kitchen... 

You can find Nature's Fusion oils (for about half the price of doterra) at Good Earth (Utah) or, online, at

Forget memberships and downlines and up lines and referrals and whatever. If all you want is the quality oil to help self heal yourself and your family, I've found your gold. :) 

Happy healthy healing!! (For less!) 



  1. I am completely shocked with how amazing this company is and how essential their oils are. Completely. Shocked. I have used Young Living for over 10 years and didn't think anything ever compared to the power and potency of Young Livings Oils, which is why I continued to pay ridiculously high pyramid scheme prices. I will absolutely be contacting this company tomorrow to let them know exactly how I feel. I will also tell everyone I know. Seriously. Amazing. Quality. I'm very happy with my purchases.

  2. I love these oils! I just compared the prices of buying the oils through Good Earth or directly from Nature's Fusion. Buying directly from Nature's Fusion is cheaper, even with the added on shipping charge.