Sunday, October 13, 2013

Natural remedy for bug bites round two.

A few months ago, I posted a natural remedy for bug bites. It got a ton of hits according to my stats and It DID work wonders. However, it was a little messy.

I think I'm allergic to Mosquitos...cause they always swell way way up!
Case in point... (Don't judge...the lighting was good at the gym.)

Women with small chests tend call them "mosquito bites." ...well folks...I grew a boob on my leg. 

Last Sunday we were attacked while shooting guns. I took that⬆️⬆️ The day after at the gym before applying anything to it. Itched like a mother! 
Less messy than the honey and Saran Wrap theory is this beautiful little bottle of tea tree oil. 

Not only does it help the itching, but it helped the swelling go down tremendously.

After only ONE application, this is what my bite looked like the next the gym. 
Isn't that unreal!!?? I've used lavender to help the itchiness, but never has it brought the swelling down so amazingly! 
I've written about Natures Fusions oils before...and I still stand by them 100%. As a matter of fact...I do believe I'm in love with them. I've tried so many oils over the years. (I started with Young Living at 16 and worked my way all over the grid to doterra and so on.) I love Natures Fusions purely because theyare still the therapeutic grade, with out the MLM. To me, it doesn't get better than having a pure, amazing oil (the proof is in the pictures) without having to have a membership to purchase them. 
just a good old fashion credit card number does the trick. No gimmicks, no downlines no commissions. Just all natural healthy healing for your family. 
Ahem. Excuse the rant. I get a bit passionate with products. Anyone ever heard my raw milk rant? :) 

Anyway!!! Next time you grow a boob, or even if it's just an annoying mosquito/bug bite...I urge you to put it out of your misery. :) it works wonders!!
Just remember this simple equation. :)

Happy healthy healing!!


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