Wednesday, May 7, 2014

All natural face wash

As embarrassing as it is, I have been pretty open about the problems my skin has gone through while changing hormonally while pregnant. I've been lucky to have pretty good skin my whole life but the second I got pregnant I looked like a 14 year old. 

I have also been very enthusiastic about coconut oil on my skin and how it keeps away my stretchmarks. :) I posted a few posts back about how I literally bathe in coconut oil by putting it in the tub with me. 

Part of my skin problems have appeared on my back. Not only was it ugly but it was also really painful. Once I started putting the coconut oil in my baths I started to notice my back clearing up. I wish I had before and after pictures! 

So, naturally my next thought process was to put it on my face and see if that helped. It couldn't hurt at this point. What's one more zit at this point? 

So, I lathered it on my face, let it sit for a few minutes and wiped it off. I don't know if I'll ever be able to not have gobs of coconut oil in my house at all times. I'm pretty sure it's a miracle oil. 

After only two applications, my face is looking miraculously better! 
I can't sing enough praises to coconut oil! I've also been using it for lip gloss and conditioner. I haven't use conditioner in a month and my hair is as soft and not oily as ever! It's a miracle! 

Happy, healthy, healing!


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