Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stomach Ache Smoothie

I'll be straight with you from the get go; if you want a McCafe tasting smoothie, go to McDonalds because you will also be getting a sugar smoothie and we don't do refined sugars here. This is a TEA infused smoothie to help ward off tummy aches, congestion, intestinal discomfort, boost your immunity, slay free radicals and give you some good, prolonged, CAFFIENE free energy.

SIDE STORY: crohn's disease and pregnancy have been a weird thing. I drink raw milk daily for its healing properties and seem to have little repercussions as long as I am consistent with that. However, last night... I was FEELIN' the crohn's burn! There's this spot that seems to always hurt when I am having a flare up and while we were at a movie, it was feeling rather pinched. The WEIRD part of all of this is that after a good 15 minutes of pain, I felt a little kick in the same area and the pain subsided. I don't know if it was the baby putting pressure on a tender area or if I'm giving birth to a wizard and he fixed it. Either way, I found it kind of cool.

I tell that story because my wizard baby apparently didn't do a complete fix on mama's digestive tract. I woke up this morning feeling like a dump truck poured cement into my stomach. Nothing felt like it was moving and whatever was in there was making me feel nasty.

Ironically enough, I also woke up craving green tea. I am the awful type of mom who still drinks caffeine occasionally. Never more than the recommended daily value for pregnant ladies, and only about 2-3 times a week, but caffeine all the same. I feel like it balances out a bit when it's from green tea. But that may just be me. ANYWHO. When I have a HEALTHY craving I always let my body have it. I can recognize that my body knows what it needs better than I do. So, I went downstairs to brew some wonder tea.


I don't know where my green tea ran off to! I had a whole box of it and now it is missing. So, I sipped some raw milk and wondered what to do.

I found my box of Tulsi tea and decided to at lease infuse a morning smoothie with that. It, like green tea, has a slew of health miracles all its own. AND good news for mama's who don't want to ingest any caffeine, Tulsi tea is caffeine free and has been hailed in Hindu and Ayurvedic practices for thousands of years.

Without further ado, I bring you my "cure for my stomach ache" smoothie!

Stomach Ache Smoothie

1 C frozen organic berries (anti-oxidants, daily fruit intake, Boosts brain function)
1 C Steeped Tulsi Tea (boil one cup water and steep 2 tea bags in it for 3-6 minutes)
1/2 T pure organic maple syrup
2 T chia seeds
1 T flax
"Splash" of Raw milk (just enough to make it smoothie texture)

There isn't exactly a science to this, but I did it in a particular order for a reason. 
In my magic bullet, I added my chia and flax seeds. I then added my seeped tea and blended it together. The reason for this order was because the tea was so warm, I didn't want it killing the GOOD cultures in my milk. SO, by mixing it with the seeds and sending it for a whirl for a few minutes, it cooled it off.
 I then added the fruit and did a few pulses. YES the fruit would have cooled off the tea before but seeing that it was frozen, I also didn't want the fruit getting stuck together like frozen things do when in contact with something warm. Once everything was a good cold temperature, I added my milk to liquify it and get a good consistency. 

After I drank this I proudly texted my husband and said: I should be a doctor. My tummy is feeling great and I have as much energy as a pregnant woman can muster. :) 

Just as a side note, because tulsi helps with blood circulation, if you are pregnant, I don't recommend taking MEDICINAL amounts of this herb. It may cause too much blood circulation in the pelvic area and complicate your pregnancy. However, tea in moderation has proven to be okay. :) 


Happy, Healthy, Healing! 

<3 KBS

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