Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Breakfast ideas!

The hardest part of clean eating is knowing what to eat! I'm providing several good, quick ideas to help you out! 
This breakfast was filling, packed with protien and quick to make. I even shared 1/2 the avocado with my 5 month old... And yes... He ate a whole half. I scrambled the eggs, added cooked quinoa, yellow bell peppers and tossed in some shredded cheese. Washed down with Crio bru, cinnamon, coconut sugar, and coconut creamer. 
Scrambled eggs and cheese, sautéed red potatoes and cinnamon Crio bru
Black Crio bru, eggs with cottage cheese. (Don't knock it til ioi try it!) 
Scrambled eggs and cottage cheese, half a grapefruit, steamed broccoli, high pulp OJ. If you're going to drink juice, try and make sure it has the pulp. The fiber in the pulp helps balance out and digest the sugar naturally in juice. If there's no fiber, it's just drinking sugar. 
One egg, 3 slices venison sausage, 1/2 grapefruit, 1/4 c yogurt with chia and some steaze green tea! 
Oatmeal, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar, 1 slice unprocessed, nitrate/preservative free bacon, chia and flax! 
Berries, grapefruit and spa water. (Lemon, mint, cucumber.) 
Cookie oatmeal. Oatmeal, 1/2 tablespoon ghee, 2 tbs coconut sugar, flax, chia, 10-15 dark chocolate chips.
2 eggs and steamed green beans
Greek Yogurt, fresh pineapple, chia.
Grapefruit, 1 egg, blackberries 2 strips all natural nitrate preservative fee bacon

Berries, banana, orange and coconut water! 

As you can see, not all my meals have been created equal. Some days it was just a matter of getting something down quickly before the baby woke up. But as long as you're sourcing your food from the right places, things like bacon can actually be good for you! It's when it's processed and pumped full of nitrates it becomes a problem! 
Eggs have been my go to as of late! Just get cage free eggs and you can't go wrong!

I hope this is a good start! If you need more ideas contact me at healwithfood33@gmail.com 

Happy healthy healing 


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