Monday, January 21, 2013

Sometimes I Even Shock Myself

I was sitting there this morning making our meal plan. It's a usual Sunday night/Monday morning occurrence. I've been craving tacos but can't stomach lettuce wraps. If someone has a good way to make lettuce wraps and being able to taste anything other than lettuce in lettuce wraps, by all means, please share. But in the mean time. I can't do it.
Anyway. I was telling mike I'll probably just eat gluten free tonight so that we could have tacos. (When I'm not paleo, I'm at least gluten free) I then started adding things to the list of things I could have that we're gluten free: sour cream, cheese...then I, without thought or hesitation, yelled: "no! I'm not buying those! I don't want to eat like this!" I froze...who am I? I used to relish in anything dairy. My sister, Shawni, used to make me a surprise snack that insisted if purely cheese cubes and string cheese....and I loved sour cream. But I found myself literally NOT WANTING IT! Its not that it doesnt sound good. its just my body can recognize that im feeling so much better without it!! It makes me so happy! It's proof that this diet gets easier!! It's proof that you don't ALWAYS have days where you hate not feeling full. Matter of fact...I have days where I don't even feel all that hungry.
Suffice it to say...I'm very happy. Heck, I may even skip taco night and just have a nice taco meat and tomato salad! (I know I'll thank myself later).
If you're struggling with your own health endeavors and lifestyles. Don't!! You'll be so grateful for the permanent changes you're making the DAY you realize how easy it is to turn down a taco cheat night with ALL the fixings. :)

Happy healthy cooking!!

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