Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cooking Up Health in the Twitt-o-sphere...

Hello friends!
I have never been into twitter (sorry twitter). It never made any sense and I never knew who to follow. My husband on the other hand is a huge fan of twitter...almost to a fault! Okay...TO A FAULT. (Love you, baby.) However, one day when he was explaining his twitter obsession with me, he said: "you just need to follow things or people that interest you." So, I followed Kim Kardashian... Of all people. She is a lot more fun on reality TV when she only lasts 72 days being married and isn't pregnant. She's a little boring while pregnant. Not to be a Kim hater...I'll be honest, I actually really like the Kardashian Krew. This post isn't to hate on a pregnant Kim just because following her on twitter didn't get me hooked on it like my husband is. I don't believe in hating famous people just because I secretly wish I was driving a monogramed Bentley.
Good thing its monogrammed, too...she may not know it's hers. 
But the point of that is to say, I still wasn't interested in twitter. I thought it was strictly for following a-list stars to somehow make us feel like we are tight with them and their KK red and black Bentley's. I think I had missed the twitter point. It's not just to follow the Hollywood's stars...

Once I decided to type the word: "Paleo" into my "connect" box, the twitter world opened up to me. A few weeks later I went from feeling like I stalked Kim Kardashian,, to following 74 different twitter accounts. Only  a few of which were famous people...(Sup, Kardashians and your ever so entertaining lives). 

Now, about six months into my long and painful twitter journey, I decided to create my own health and wellness twitter account. My health journey has been a rough up and down guinea pig experiment with myself and I want to save people from that hardship where ever possible. So, if you're reading this blog and like some of the things I post about health and wellness, and if you've discovered the magic which is called twitter, follow me!! @healwithfood33 I promise to be more exciting than a pregnant Kim Kardashian dating an equally strange Kanye. :) Here.. I'll make it easy: https://twitter.com/Healwithfood33 to do!! 

Let your friends know, too. Everyone can make their lives better via health. 

Peace. Love. Healing. Kardashians. 

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