Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bright sunshiny day

I woke up just feeling gross today. 

My nose is congested, my throat is itchy, my tummy is rumbly, my body aches and all I wanted was a nice little treat. 

Good thing I remembered I had one in my freezer. 

Remember my amazing experience with almond dream bites?? Well I had quite the amazing experience this morning with  almond dream ice cream! (Cappuccino swirl, guys...can't go wrong!) 

It too is dairy free, gluten free and just pure amazing. And I have even better news, if you can't have almonds, they make this amazingness in rice dream as well. I can't vouch for the flavor, it's probably been 8 years since my mom bought me some once. (And 8 years ago, health food just wasn't that good for treats) but if anyone tries it, let me know! 

So, if you're sick like me and need a treat, I highly recommend this one. :) 

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