Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Nutella: Store Bought Junk Food to Beneficial Snack

A few weeks ago I got experimental and made PALEO NUTELLA. That’s big, guys. Nutella is man’s way of saying "there is good in the world" and I was missing out on that revelation. Without Nutella, I thought the world was pure BAD! ;)

The blog I based my recipe from (remember I made a few changes) mentioned in bold all cap letters: THIS IS NOT A HEALTH FOOD. Something in our brains automatically tells us: "this is an orgasm to the mouth, it must not be good for me!" because in all reality, there isn't anything harmful in this recipe. As a matter of fact, there are several things in it that are amazingly GOOD for us. 
until that husband of mine gets the camera he's been promising, you'll just have to understand that this was the best thing ever in real life! the blurryness of this photo does it no justice!

If you're still having doubts, that is why I am here...to erase those doubts and explain why this whole food treat is actually beneficial to the body. I would like to note that I am NOT saying you should go out and eat a whole tub of store bought Nutella. I am not vouching for that AT ALL. There are ingredients in that stuff that I don't know what they are and can't advocate. I am saying that the homemade version made with organic whole foods is going to be a healthy treat that tastes good and is good for you! 

Here we go!

Hazelnuts: I was actually really impressed by the health benefits of hazelnuts. Not only do they have so many good aspects and nutrients to them, but they also are high in the benefits they render...it is not a weak nut. 
  • Heart Healthy: because they are high in unsaturated fats, they have been known to help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. 1 cup of hazelnuts (what our delicious recipe calls for) contains almost half of the daily recommendations of magnesium. Magnesium is essential to our bodies because it filters through the heart, helping it beat regularly. 
  • Skin Care: vitamin E has been proven to protect our skin from ultraviolet radiation caused by the sun. One cup of hazelnuts has 86% of the vitamin E our bodies need. This will also help with skin cancer risk and premature aging. 
  • Digestive Health: there are so many things that are good about hazelnuts for the digestive tract, it’s unreal. However, the most important is their high fiber content. It is essential that we keep the digestive tract moving. When you are constipated or just haven't gone in a while, there is a chance things aren't regular enough and you are reabsorbing toxins and hormones that your body has already eliminated and doesn't need. Not only is it bad for the bowels, but it can wreak havoc on many other of your body’s crucial organs. Unless you are me and my best friend, Elise, (or our husbands who have no filters) people are often embarrassed by pooping. But it’s naturally and healthy and you should really pay attention to how regular you are. If you aren't regular, it may cause more problems down the road. A happy digestive tract is essential for happy overall health! Enough fiber, like the fiber in hazelnuts, can help aid to that.
  • and much more: I try and keep my blog posts short so I don't bore my readers, so I won't post every healthy aspect of hazelnuts, I just posted the biggest ones. Do your own research, be informed. 
Unsweetened Cocoa: first of all, I find it ESSENTIAL to mention that cocoa and CHOCOLATE are two different things. Chocolate constitutes oils and sugars and preservatives, etc. pure, unsweetened cocoa powder is a derivative of the coco bean and has May beneficial health benefits:
  • Minerals: 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder contains almost 10 percent of our essential daily intake of iron, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. Each of which have their own individual health benefits. 
  • Flavonoids: although there are many different types of flavonoids, the flavonoids specific to cocoa release antioxidants and lower blood pressure. 
Evaporated Cane Sugar: many may argue that sugar is sugar. Where that may be true, those few many also not know that simple table sugar that has become the staple in American households is what is dangerous. Cane juice or cane sugar straight from sugar cane still holds all its vitamins and minerals and digests better in the body because it hasn't been refined or chemically altered. I found an excellent source stating all the health benefits of the cane plant and its sugar derivative at processedfreeamerica.org. Their benefits included: 
  • It cures a sore throat, cold and flu.
  • Unlike table sugar, it has no simple sugars. Diabetics can therefore enjoy it without worrying about soaring blood sugar levels (those with type 2 diabetes should still have limited sugarcane juice).
  • It provides glucose to the body, burned by the muscles to provide the body natural energy. It re-hydrates the human body fatigued from heat and physical activity. It's known to boost performance in athletes and manual laborers.
  • It's recommended for fevers which cause great protein loss from the body. Liberal consumption of sugarcane juice provides the body with protein during febrile disorders. It also brings down high body temperatures during fevers.
  • The easily digestible sugar in sugarcane juice helps in speedy recovery from jaundice. The steep fall in glucose levels during jaundice; may be replenished by having 3 to 4 glasses of sugarcane juice daily.
  • It's good for the digestive system and also helps with constipation because of its high potassium content.
  • It has a wide range of compounds in addition to sucrose which bestows it with wound healing properties and strengthens the immune system.
  • Regular intake of sugarcane juice strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs.
  • It lowers body cholesterol- both LDL and triglycerides.
White refined sugar not only CAN’T do any of that, but it is also a hazard to the body. Remember label readers...not all sugar is created equal. 

COCONUT OIL: if you haven't read The Coconut Oil Miracle, I suggest you snag a copy! I was an avid olive oil user but it just wasn't what I liked to bake with (I have a sensitive pallet and could taste the EVOO way too strongly in everything). I am a HUGE health literature whore and like to buy books whenever I feel like I want to spend some extra bucks. I have so many books I love to look through but The Coconut Oil Miracle has been my favorite. Organic, unrefined coconut oil is:
  • heart healthy
  • good for skin
  • good for hair
  • good for the digestive tract 
  • beneficial in patients with arthritis
  • And good for weight loss. 
 It is catching on as well. There is definitely a coconut frenzy going on in the beauty world. But the actual health benefits are far reaching as well. 

as you can see, there are SO many good benefits to this homemade version of the popular store bought Nutella is actually very beneficial to your body. "not a health food" lady can just do a little more research next time because if I am eating something that is going to provide as many benefits as this creamy dessert, I will classify it as a health food! 

Happy, healthy healing!!! 

<3 KBS 

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