Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gluten free mac and cheese product review

I don't usually do negative product reviews. But I don't EVER want to put anyone through what I went through this weekend. I bought four boxes of this stuff because I was so stoked that the price was decent. 
We were up at the cabin for the week and I had Mac and cheese planned for a few lunches. 
This Mac and cheese was the WORST organic "health food" I have EVER tasted. Mike, who isn't picky couldn't even shove it down. No flavor. The noodles were absolutely dreadful. And combined it tasted like worse than I can even put into words. 
Don't let the price tag fool you or the fact that is gluten free and's not worth it. Pay the extra 60 cents for a good brand! Anything made with quinoa is a safe bet. 
Please, don't make yourself suffer! 

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