Saturday, November 30, 2013

100% Juice

DISCLAIMER: I have Crohn's disease...sometimes I tell potty jokes and talk too graphically about things my body is going through...It's all in good humor...but if you don't want to know...Please don't read this post. :)  

Sometimes, I disappoint myself. No. I love myself. At least that is what the book I am currently reading is teaching me to say. (There is Nothing Wrong With You By Cherrie Huber) Think about it...It's human nature to hate yourself...But that is not what this post is about. Those last few sentences are something I am trying to convince myself to love about myself; My constant rambling.


I disappointed myself today because I thought I was being tricky.
I have been battling a UTI the last week (TMI?) and it will seem like it's gone, then it comes back. Then it goes away, then it comes back. I'm getting sick of it. 

Naturally the first instinct at the first onset of a Urinary tract infection is to guzzle cranberry juice. 

I haven't had pasteurized juice in months since we got our juicer. It never made me feel good. But this time was incomparable in side effects.

I sent the husband to the store while I was at home in pain. He called and said that the best he could do was a bottle that said 27% juice. This juice also had sugar in it but if you could have felt the way I was feeling, you would have taken the defeat, too. At least it wasn't high fructose corn syrup, guys. (I feel the need to defend my weaknesses. #selfhate #sarcasm) 

Basically I am blaming the pasteurized "all-natural" cranberry juice for my full on Crohn's blow out. (no pun intended) 

But last night after peeing for the 15th time with no success, I decided today I needed something else. (Sidenote, I'm totally taking care of myself just so you all know. I don't feel full blown side effects anymore...I just like to overdo taking care of things. :) No worries, mom.)

LUCKILY for me, Thanksgiving is over. And that means that sprouts had their fresh cranberries on sale. 

I put an entire bag in the juicer and rinsed it with six apples and half of a bottle of filtered water. (Reverse osmosis filterization or distillation is the best.) 

And I was actually pleasantly surprised how good it was. It's definitely not as sweet as the "normal" juice but I must say, I don't enjoy it that sweet! I like me my natural sugars. :) 

And, By drinking only half of this mix, I was consuming a half a bag of cranberries. And the best part was it was 100% juice with just a little bit of water mixed in. (Which is optional. I just wanted to make mine go further since I've been a cranberry drinking whore lately. :)

Happy, healthy, healing... May your healing not be from a UTI. BLEK!

<3 KBS

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