Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Goodbye goo-gone

What is the worst part of being a homeowner you may ask?? A$$-holes like ikea thinking it's necessary to put tape all over their products...and not even the kind of tape that doesn't leave no...the nasty kind of tape. See for yourselves. 
They're right, though. I DID want all that tape residue on a brand new item in my brand new house...SAID NO ONE EVER! 

Now, I'm sure most of you sweetheart level headed folks are saying: calm down Kyli...there are solvents for this type of disaster. 
But sister hot head over here is not digging that. Who has the brain cells to spare by using CHEMICAL SOLVENTS. I sure don't! 

Luckily, after my meltdown, I remembered that a force for good was on my side! 


And guys, it didn't even take any elbow grease. The lemon ate away my tape residue catastrophe AND shined up my steel; all the while I'm sure did SOMETHING aromatheraputically for my body! 
Five minutes later...brain cells intact...not so keep calm, carry on...but this looks BETTER than new! 

Pff. Ikea. 

Happy, healthy, healing! 

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