Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chipotle burrito bowl remix

Sometimes we eat a late lunch and decide to have dinner at ten o clock at night. 

We suck. 

But usually our late night dinners result in both of us looking at each other being like: gross... I shouldn't try and make things with a weird variety of ingredients. And mike runs to grab something at a local fast food place. 

We suck. 

This time, however, I've been more diligent keeping better ingredients in the house. Pregnancy made me VERY lazy and we ate worse than I care to admit. That's nine month of my life I'll never get back but I intend to try and make up for. 

I suck.

So, tonight I decided to try and recreate a burrito bowl and I was happy with it. Especially after mike told me it was good. 

There are no complex instructions. So, I took pictures of individual ingredients for visual purposes. 

The most intense thing I did was cook the meat. 

Here you go. 

You'll need:
Romaine lettuce, sliced
Rice (white or brown) 
Cheese, shredded 
Olives, sliced 
Tomatoes, diced  
Greek yogurt (plain) 
Meat (I just chopped up some gluten free turkey meatballs cause I'm still semi lazy) 
And chipotle dressing. I used Briannas. 

Visually indulge. The stacking manner doesn't really matter. :) 

Lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro 
Rice and cheese 
Corn (I love the sweet organic corn from Costco; bybees brand)
Salsa and my redneck excuse for meat.
Chipotle dressing and, 

A dollop of plain Greek yogurt to pose as sour cream. 

Healthy eating doesn't have to be hard or plain. I started making this dinner at 10 pm and am writing this blog post after we ate, got ready for bed and put the baby down. It didn't take long to prepare a good, husband approved meal. :) 

Happy, healthy, healing!

❤️ KBS 

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