Monday, October 13, 2014

Natural Fruit Fly Trap

Despite the fact that I have one of the worlds easiest babies, I still find myself exhausted. I guess not getting a full 8 straight hours makes a difference and it doesn't matter how many four hour stints you have. I'll stop any semblance of complaining because I know some mamas have it rough and I'm simply not one of them. I chalk up my exhaustion to losing 1000+ CC's of blood in the hospital and despite two blood infusions my levels never returned to normal; it has nothing to do with the baby. 

Needless to say, I don't get as much done around here as I used to. I've never been my mom status of a housekeeper, but I didn't used to be this awful. Laundry gets done...but it rarely is put away. The bed is never made. The garbage gets taken out when I can't do a balancing act stacking it anymore. Dishes get done when the sink fills up. And luckily I have a robot vacuum and mop cause if not, that would add to my chaos. 

Please, no one send child services over. When it comes to baby, needs are being met. His bum gets changed; hense the wrecklace amounts of garbage. His clothes are changed regularly; explaining the mounds of laundry. And he's fed anytime there's a cue; which is why the dishes are never done. Mama has to eat too and once my dishes hit the sink, he thinks he needs to eat again. He's easy as in I'm not stressing out...but I definitely am kept busy. Even if it's just getting loves from him. He won't be a baby forever, you know. 

LONG STORY SHORT....we have a fruit fly problem up in here. I like to blame the fact that garages and dishes aren't always handled in a timely manner but it also is probably partially due to the fact that we seem to bring in bags of them from the grocery store. 

So, I'm home all day pestered by these little flies and tonight...I had enough!! I have a nice little recipe I have found that gets rid of these fast flying little monsters. 

Best part: you probably already have all the ingredients. :) 

You need: 
1 mason jar (per room you need a trap) 
1 c apple cider vinegar 
1 c water 
2-3 squirts all natural dish soap*

Add all the ingredients to a mason jar and voila. You have your trap. :) 
The apple cider vinegar is the bait. It smells like rotten fruit and they're drawn to it. 
The dish soap makes it so once they land in the jar, they can't go anywhere. It's too slick for them to fly off.

Withing the first hour of having these out, about 10 flies between my 4 traps had fallen for it. SUCKERS! 

It really doesn't get much easier than that, kids!! 

*if you don't care, regular dish soap works just as well. I used natural because I first used this recipe around my pre schoolers and I didn't want anyone accidentally drinking something

Happy, healthy, healing <3

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