Sunday, November 2, 2014

Homemade cinnamon applesauce

It's fall, y'all. 
And the weather yesterday sure fell like fall. And if you've followed my blog in the last year, you know fall gets me in the mood to BAKE! 
Yesterday it wasn't so much baking as it was just wanting something with a fall flavor. 
I bought about a billion local apples a few weeks ago and now that I'm passed the first half a dozen weeks of new mommydom, I've had the energy to utilize said apples.

Now, I'm pretty sure I'll never buy apple sauce again. 1. Because this recipe was so good and 2. Because it's so easy 3. Because there were no stinky preservatives!!! 

Wanna see how easy this recipe is? 

You'll need:
10 medium apples
1/2 c water 
1/2 c coconut sugar 
Few dashes cinnamon 
Crock pot

You heard me. 

This is a fix and forget type of treat. All you need to do is:
Peel, slice and dice apples. (Invest in Apple peeler corer slicer. They're inexpensive glory) dump said apples in a crockpot, pour water over the apples, dump the coconut sugar on (coconut sugar doubles as brown sugar cup for cup in recipes) sprinkle with your cinnamon, cover that sucker up and walk away. 4 hours on high and you'll have apples ready to turn to sauce in no time. Once cooked, blend, smash, mash or mix up those cooked apples until your hearts content! Then, ENJOY!!! 

Need a visual demonstration? Keep reading! 

Sliced apples. And a's fall, duh. 

"Diced" apples (okay I just cut them in half. I'm lazy like that.)
Pour in these ingredients! (Minus the praline candle...I'm just a sucker for ambiance) 
Marvel in how easy it is. 
Wait four hours and then get this glory. 

The coconut sugar turns it brown but it's delish and won't spike your blood sugar! 

It sure doesn't look like anything actually may even look gross... but it was great! Try it out!! 

Happy, healthy, healing!! 


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