Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Home made bone broth

I It's that time of year again. Hunting season. Although I, myself enjoy hunting, I've just reaped the benefits this year considering my body was still healing from having a baby 

I understand a lot of people feel hunting is inhumane or wrong but there's definitely a reverence of sorts that goes along with it for us. It's not taking an animals life for the heck of it or for sport. It's supplying our family with clean, healthy meat for the year. And as cliche or weird as it sounds, we pray in gratefulness for the life sacrificed to feed us. 

That being said, a show called meat eater that mike likes to watch has inspired me to try and utilize as much of the deer as possible. If it's going to sacrifice it's life to supply our family with sustinence, I'd prefer very little of it goes to waste. 

As a previous blog post explains, I hemorrhaged after labor; thus making my iron levels dangerously low. We decided to try the liver of the deer this year. Although, I'm nervous about that. ;) 

Tonight, we butchered everything and made some venison sausage. I can't tell you how stoked I am to try this. It's smoking in the oven as i type. I can smell the casing and the spices. Come morning, I'm slicing me off a piece of that bad boy and enjoying the harvest. :) 

As my husband was getting every last cut off his animal, I spotted the bone. I've been reading a lot about bone broth lately and have been intrigued to try it. According to Dr. Mercola, bone broth is good for many different ailments. Including: digestion, inflammation, helps speed up recovery of cold and flu, helps joint pain, inhibits infection, helps hair and nail growth and is a great source of calcium. There was a reason your mom used to give you chicken noodle soup when you were sick... The broth!

The guy on meat eater, Steven Rinella, uses the bone marrow as butter on his elk steaks. I used the femur bone in my bone broth and we cut it open to get the marrow to come out into the soup. Bone marrow has health qualities all its own. Including: healing properties that help the body restore itself, cancer fighting and (boldly stated) healing properties, and easing digestive issues. It's about 96% fat but, like an avocado, it's a very beneficial form of fat. 

The best part about this super soup is how easy it is. You can even use the carcass from a rotisserie chicken. You just need bone!!

Bone; chicken carcass, venison femur, etc
1 bag organic mini carrots 
1 bag organic celery hearts 
1 onion
2 T chopped garlic 
1 splash apple cider vinegar 

The best part is, the only thing I had to chop was the onion. Everything else just gets thrown in the crock pot! Then, you just fill up water enough to cover all the vegetables. Cool it on high overnight and then come morning pull out the vegetables and strain the liquid through a strainer. Store in the fridge and consume a bit daily. Enjoy the benefits! 
All the ingredients! 
Close up of salt and ACV 
What everything looks like cooked down! 
Finished product. You can really see the marrow fat floating at the top. It's so beneficial for so many ailments in the body! I intend to drink some of this minute daily and can't wait to feel the benefits! Especially being someone with digestive disorders! 

Happy healthy healing! 


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