Thursday, January 22, 2015

How to naturally age new wood

I know I'm all about the food. That just gives away what a fat kid I secretly---not so secretly---am. But I believe in keeping your body as free from chemicals as possible. Easier said than done with things such as air pollution and damaging UV rays... But we do what we can where we can. 
I have recently discovered my love for up cycling+rustic chic. I was going to attempt a 4 different paint/stain process when I found an awesome easy alternative! Best part was I had almost everything on hand and love the look WAY better than if I had ruined it with an attempt to be an artist. ;) 

You'll need: 
3 sachets of English breakfast tea 
1 C white vinegar 
1 large steel wool pad

That's it! The rest is foolproof and easy! 

First off you're going to soak your steel wool in your vinegar over night. 
Then you're going to steep your tea in about 1 1/2 cups of water. 

Take a regular pain brush and paint your entire surface with the tea. You have to be very thorough because the tea won't really change the woods color but you want to make sure you have saturated every nook and cranny. 

Once the tea coat has dried take the same brush (washed out) and dip it in the cup you had your vinegar and steel wool soaking in. Add a layer over the tea layer. 

It takes a few seconds but you'll slowly start to see the wood changing colors into a beautiful rustic grey! 

I was skeptical of the project at first because I wasn't sure it would work. But I haven't been as happy with the turn out of something in ages! You can do a few layers alternating the tea and vinegar solution to make it darker. :) 
I love it! 
Have fun crafting naturally! 

Happy healthy healing! 


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